Type: Marriage
Associated Persons: Vladimir Dracula

Adze Ramanga
Count Dracula
Elizabeta Vaccaria
Arta Dracula

Other Associations: Clans

A bloodbinding is a ritually recognised union between two vampires. It is similar to a marriage in the vampire world.

A bloodbinding is preceded by a Blood Tea Ceremony where the bride and groom (as well as the fathers) must drink blood from the same cup. Once it's performed, the families are honour bound to hunt down and kill the bride or groom should they break the engagement. A stag weekend is also customary. Often this involves playing dangerous pranks on the groom.

During the bloodbinding ceremony the groom is required to bite the wife. According to Ramanga, this has the effect of transferring powers. As soon as the bloodrite has been completed the bride and groom stick their fangs into a peasant.


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