Branaugh Family
Earliest Member: Graham Branaugh
Enemies: No known enemies
Status: Possibly Deceased
House: Branaugh House
First Appearance: When You're a Stranger
Last Appearance: The Chosen One

The Branaugh Family were a family from Stokely who soon come into contact with the Draculas. Elizabeth Branaugh was the matriarch of the family and she acted as a mother figure for both Vlad and Ingrid during their time in Stokely. Chloe and Robin were friends with Vlad. The twins, Ian and Paul, both fancied Ingrid - to the extent that they would do anything for her. The patriarch, Graham, worked as a plumber. He was more shy and was wary of the Draculas.

The Branaughs' fate after the fall of Stokely is unknown. It's possible that they came into contact with Ingrid after she took over.


Family TreeEdit

Branaugh family tree

Graham Branaugh
Elizabeth Branaugh
Ian Branaugh
Paul Branaugh
Robin Branaugh
Chloe Branaugh

See: Branaugh Family

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