Carpathian Feast
Series 03, Episode 05
Carpathian Feast
Air Date 14th November 2011
Writer Gary Lawson & John Phelps
Previous Fangs for the Memories
Next Blood Thief

Carpathian Feast is the fifth episode of Series 3. It aired on November 14th, 2011


The Carpathian Feast is a Transylvanian event that ends with the roasting of a fellow vampire . According to Augustus , there are certain forms that need to be filled out and processed by the High Council , because the act of killing another vampire is against their evil code. The Count demanded the spectacle because Vlad pushed him away to protect the Transylvanian custodial women who works at the school (she was endangered because she sang a Transylvanian folksong that apparently attracts all vampires within a certain radius). To show that the Count still is powerful, Vlad has to put together the Carpathian Feast to relieve the tension in the Dracula household. Little does Vlad know that his father intends Erin to be the sacrificed vampire (or in this case slayer).


Ingrid: I'm back. Twice as gorgeous, three times as evil...

make that four times as evil.

During dinner:

Renfield: It's the Master's favourite.

Ingrid: And by Master you mean... (gestures Vlad and the Count.)
Vlad: "I'll jump out of a cake if I have to."
Vlad: "You did fill out the forms right?"



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