Cuckoo in the Nest
Series 04, Episode 12
Cuckoo in the Nest
Air Date 18th December 2012
Writer Emma Reeves
Previous Bootiful Breathers
Next Kiss of Death

Cuckoo in the Nest is the twelfth episode of Series 4. It aired on December 18th, 2012



Vlad discovers the Shapeshifter

The Count is furious when he finds out about the mindwipe reversal and disinherits Vlad, before formally making Malik the Dracula heir.


Vlad decides that he must make amends for the bad decisions he has recently made. However, when the Count finds out his actions, he disinherits Vlad and formally makes Malik the Dracula heir. Vlad comes face-to-face with the Malik's mother, the Shapeshifter.



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