Dracula Castle
Dracula Castle
Country: Romania (Transylvania)
Owner(s): Count Dracos Dracula

Arta Dracula
Count Dracula

Status: Abandoned, burned
Location type: Castle
Purpose: Vampire family home

Dracula Castle is located in Transylvania and is apparently where Arta Dracula, Ivan Dracula, and Count Dracula were raised, and where Ingrid and Vlad spent the first years of their lives.

It's suggested that the castle was burned during the angry peasant attack which forced Count Dracula and his children to move to Britain.

Possible location Edit

Dracula Castle may be located near the city of Bistritz in Northern Transylvania. Malik stated that his parents were from Bistritz. Do the Bite Thing This ties in with Dracula because Borgo Pass is near Bistritz.

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