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Dracula Family
Dracula Family
Other Names: Dracula Clan
Leader: Count Dracula
Earliest Member: Dracos Dracula
Age: Over 600
Enemies: Van Helsing Family

Ramanga Family
Elizabeta Vaccaria

Status: Active
House: Garside Grange
First Appearance: When You're a Stranger
"We're vampires, Vlad. Always have been, always will be."
Ingrid Dracula

The Dracula Family is an ancient family of vampires, dating back to over six hundred years ago.


As the son of Dracos Dracula, the Count was one of three brothers. Arta was the oldest of the three and he was killed over three hundred years ago. Ivan and the Count apparently got on very well.

The Count had always blamed himself for Arta's death, but it was later revealed that he had in fact been murdered by Elizabetta Vaccaria. After his death Count Dracula became head of the Dracula Clan, and this he remains to the present day.

By ancient vampire law, the Count was also required to marry Arta's widow. Elizabeta became pregnant with Malik, Count Dracula ran away with Magda Westenra, a woman he loved. 300 years later, Magda and the Count had a daughter (Ingrid). Sometime after this Magda began having an affair and the Count, feeling lonely, visited a Goth festival in Whitby. It was there he met Sally Giles, an eighteen-year-old breather woman. That weekend the Count (known as Salem Smith) got Sally pregnant and she later gave birth to a son (Adam) whom the Count renamed Vladimir. Sally's parents persuaded her to give up the child for adoption and the Count, using his false name (Salem Smith), adopted him.

Ivan moved to America where he became an estate agent. He changed his name to Harvey and started to drink soy blood instead of the real thing. His two children, Boris and Olga, were apparently fairly spoiled.

Family Tree

Dracula family tree

Dracos Dracula
Mrs Dracula
Westenra Family
Giles Family
Arta Dracula
Elizabeta Vaccaria
Count Dracula
Magda Westenra
Sally Giles
Ivan Dracula
Malik Vaccaria
Ingrid Dracula
Vladimir Dracula
Boris Dracula
Olga Dracula

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Family Members Edit

The father of Arta Dracula, Count Dracula and Ivan Dracula
The mother of Arta Dracula, Count Dracula and Ivan Dracula
The eldest son of Dracos Dracula and Mrs Dracula, the brother of Count Dracula and Ivan Dracula
The father of Vladimir Dracula, and Ingrid Dracula.
The younger brother of Arta Dracula and Count Dracula; the father of Boris and Olga
The Count's lover; the mother of Ingrid Dracula and adoptive mother of Vladimir Dracula.
Shapeshifter, Malik's mother and Arta's ex-wife
The mother of Vladimir Dracula.
Son of Elizabetta Vaccaria, the supposed son of Count Dracula (in fact not his son)
The eldest son of Ivan Dracula
The eldest daughter of Count Dracula and Magda Westenra
The younger son of Count Dracula and Sally Giles
The younger daughter of Ivan Dracula

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