Elizabeth Branaugh
Elizabeth Branaugh
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Family: Graham Branaugh (husband)

Ian Branaugh (son)
Paul Branaugh (son)
Robin Branaugh (son)
Chloe Branaugh (daughter)

Skin color: White
Hair color: Blonde
Aliases: That Branaugh Woman

Mrs Branaugh

Status: Possibly Deceased
Appearances: When You're a Stranger - The Chosen One
Portrayed by: Beth Robert

Elizabeth Branaugh is the mother of Robin Branaugh, Ian and Paul Branaugh and Chloe Branaugh, and the wife of Graham Branaugh.

Series 1 & 2Edit

Robin's mum is the opposite of her son. She is optimistic, enjoys family trips like camping and dislikes the colour black. She is very much the stereotypical mother figure, in contrast with Magda Westenra (the mother of Vlad and Ingrid), as can be seen in that she often bakes ("Cherry pie" in Series two's 'Kidnapped' and Boris Dracula's Birthday cake in 'Bad Reflection'); she is a housewife, as seen in series 1 episode 9, where she takes over the running of the castle and succeeds quite efficiently - far better than Renfield, in any case; and she is incredibly caring to the extent that she becomes almost a surrogate mother to the Draculas, who are not accustomed to kindness and react defensively at first. This is seen in the second episode of the first series where the Count refers to her (and Mr Branaugh's) "nauseating favours" and in the seventh episode where he refers to her as "that insufferable Branaugh woman", however, it seems that in the second series, there is a point at which Mrs Branaugh is allowed to come and go from the castle without being in danger - until her last appearance in series 2's finale: 'The Chosen One'. Elizabeth always gets fed up with her husband Graham most of the time when he keeps on going on about that the count and his family are vampires and Elizabeth did not believe her own husband.