Stasis Spray
Stasis Spray
Owner(s): Erin Noble
Creator(s): Slayers
Age: Modern
Status: In use
Uses: Hiding a slayer's identity
First Appearance: The Enemy Within
Last Appearance: Murderer in the Midst

Stasis Spray is a solution created by slayers to hide their heart rate, breathing and their scent. The spray was owned by the slayer, Erin Noble, who pretended to be a vampire for a large part of the third series. Erin acquired her stasis spray from the Slayer's Guild, and she began to have problems when it started running out.

In series 4 she continued to use it to hide the fact that she was a breather from outside vampires. Ingrid replaced the spray with water, purposefully putting her in danger of the feral SCRAP vampires. Murderer in the Midst

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