• What did you think of Series 5?

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    • I didn't hate season 5, but I didn't LOVE it either. Season 3 is my favorite, hands down.

      I missed Wolfie, but I was happy to see Zoltan long gone.

      I was glad to see the manipulative Malik back, heartbroken that Erin had been slain and as such would never mend things with Vlad (much less getting back together).

      I was delighted to see Ingrid back to her old scheming self, but I didn't care for Vlad's new Zen hippie attitude. Which is saying something because I AM a meditating, Zen lecture listening, tie-dye wearing hippie spirit.

      But Vlad shouldn't be!

      He is a Dracula, future king of all vampires for bat's sake!

      He should have come back from his travels a skilled warrior with a plan, like Bruce Wayne in BATMAN BEGINS. (No Pun intended) vampires...BAT-man, he he.

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