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Series 01, Episode 06
Air Date 26th October 2006
Writer Unknown
Previous Home Education
Next The Mummy

Toothache is the sixth episode of Series 1 of Young Dracula.


A toothache makes Vlad think that his fangs are starting to grow out. Meanwhile, Robin's prayers are seemingly answered when Ingrid asks him to become her boyfriend.

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

  • Series Created by - Danny Robins, Dan Tetsell
  • Costume Designer - Jilly Thornley
  • Costume Team - Andrea Mear, Amy Clarke
  • Make Up Designer - Bethan Jones
  • Off-Line Editor - Angharad Owen
  • Online Editor - Emyr Jenkins
  • Audio Post Production - Cranc
  • Composer - John Rea
  • Zoltan Animatronics - Colin Newman
  • Production Designer - Venita Gribble

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