Contributors are the lifeblood of a wiki and Young Dracula Wiki needs new people. Contributions can be minor or extensive. You don't need to be a wiki regular to contribute in some way.

Editing the wiki

  • Sometimes the most useful edits are very small. If you see some inconsistent capitalisation or some misused commas, dive right in and correct them. Young Dracula Wiki has no rewards system other than the satisfaction of making something right... oh and the community's approval. Please make small edits... and large ones too! Medium sized edits are also acceptable.
  • Try to keep things consistent. The wiki is edited differently by each user, however there are some things you can do to keep things looking nice. Check out the Editing Help guide for more information.
  • I've suggested some areas of the wiki that might need editing under community messages. It's always good to neaten pages up and expand Short Pages. A few new templates have been added recently (Dialogue a-b-a, Episode Reference and Character Navbox). They need to be added to a lot of pages. If you love templates then what are you waiting for?!


I have sketched out some guidelines here. Please feel free to comment on them below.

  • I have decided to allow fanfiction stories in the blogs. I don't think the purpose of the wiki is to stifle creativity. The content pages are still canon only, but the forums and blogs are open to all things Young Dracula related.
  • I have been browsing similar wikis for research and I'm surprised the wiki has no shipping pages (!) I really don't think we need them on here. As content pages they skirt close to fanon and they often don't present a balanced argument. Some characters might need separate pages for their relationships, but I don't think we need a dozen pages for each character!
  • The other guidelines are general Wikia things. I've tried to explain what everything means. Creating mini galleries for popular characters is great, but creating huge galleries skirts dangerously close to violating the terms of use. They're also difficult to navigate.
  • Obviously the wiki does not tolerate trolls and vandals. Revert their edits, report them to me and avoid conversing with them. Are we clear?

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