Welcome to the new forums!


I have decided to enable the new forums! I am a fan of the layout and I think they work well. The change is experimental but may become permenant. A week ago I asked you whether you wanted to replace the comments with tagged forums. I have now disabled the comments as they were causing pages to load more slowly and it's easier to keep track of conversations on the forums. I have created a topic for the thread for Series 5 so it shows up at the bottom of the Series 5 page!

Chat won't be enabled. This is because I don't think there are enough active users for an instant messaging system to work.

Please respect others and use the forums appropriately. Civil arguments are fine (an argument being a discussion where a disagreement is expressed), but any obvious trolling should be reported to an admin (me!)

I really hope you enjoy using them!

Lots of love,

--Rupertgiles314 (talk) 12:17, May 3, 2014 (UTC)

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