Vampire Times
Picture 3
Owner(s): Read by Count Dracula
Status: Still printed
Uses: Newspaper

The Vampire Times is the tabloid newspaper which features in Young Dracula. It is the newspaper which Count Dracula is commonly seen reading.


The Count: Stokely Castle has...
burnt to the ground.

Vlad: There are unconfirmed reports that
the eldest daughter, Ingrid, perished
in the flames.
  • Vlad discovers that Erin and Malik have caused quite a commotion in Paris after leaving Garside Grange. The newspaper reports that the pair bit a few tourists on the Eiffel Tower, under the heading: MOST WANTED. It also mentions the subheading (duo are causing a commotion), the date (9th of May), the reporter (Ronaldo Pritcherdo II) and the lines “…know where to look or what to do.” “Erin, a new edition to the Vampire world and Malik, a ---- feral."Kiss of Death
  • There was an article on the back of the Vampire Times which read "BLOODSPORT BAN IS LIFTED". Flesh and Blood

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