Wolfie Dog
Leader: Unknown
Notable Powers: Shapeshifting
Notable Weaknesses: Turn into a wolf or dog at the full moon
Appearance: Often hairy
First Appearance: Baby Dracula
Last Appearance: Do The Bite Thing
A Werewolf is a supernatural creature that transforms into a humanoid-wolf every full-moon. Only one werewolf, Wolfie, is ever seen in the Young Dracula series, however Magda Westenra's boyfriend Patrick is often mentioned but never seen throughout the series.

Known WerewolvesEdit

Werewolf Characteristics Edit

Despite appearing human the rest of the time, a werewolf will still have wolf-like characteristics such as wolf hair and breath. Though adult werewolves transform into a humanoid wolf monster, young werewolves simply turn into dogs which have none of the viscious lust for blood that adults do.

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